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  • ULTRA Series

    ULTRA Series
    Key features:
    Designed for 3D extreme flight and EDF
    Dualsky 7th generation Xpower battery technology
    Advanced Nano electrodes
    Ultra low IR, 12C charging and 50C-70C discharging
    Ultra high ra...

  • GBD Series

    GBD Series Brushless Gimbal Motor
    built in Encoder and driver, I2C bus interface,
    Ultra high torque, precision control

  • BA brushless &...

    Xcontroller BA brushless & sensorless ESCs

    - High voltage, suport 5S-12S, OPTO,
    - 130A(150A, 15s) W/ 12S LiPo, 150A(180A, 15s) W/ 6S Lipo 
    - New firmware version 2.50, fully programmable<...

  • Xmotor_DA3

    1.Innovative MS design - eliminate the MS gap  2.lengthen the external main shaft, compatible with more propellers, equipped with new double nuts.  3. optimized case, lighter and more efficient  4. Fully- new lightweight cove...

  • Track&Field Lip...

    For Racing Cars ABS hard case(electrosilvering)Double 4mm output port designNano coating ultra-low IRXpower battery technologyImport key materials from Japan500+ times without attenuation circulationIndustry's most stringen...


    5C charge and 30C discharge
    Produce by Dualsky new 7th Generation battery technology
    For large size aerobatic model planes and helicopter.


    Xmotor Typhoon series brushless outrunners for indoor model

  • Flight control ...

    Gyro and flight control systems for airplane & quad copter,For Multi-copter and RC airplane

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Dualsky – Shanghai Dualsky Models Co., Ltd. was established in early 2004. We are specialized in R&D, production and sales of electronic power system for RC models. We can provide customers with quality and cost-effective solutions for the power of electronic models. Our products include Xmotor brushless outrunners, Xcontroller brushless ESC, Xpower high rate Lipo batteries and other accessories.